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Robert Lanteigne has been illuminating the realms of art, architecture, and design with light for over four decades. His passion for teaching and integrating new technologies into his work has driven an endless process of creation.

Through his expertise, he has crafted and instructed on objects that blend light and living, revealing the beauty and functionality of illuminated design.

With an illustrious career that extends over four decades, Lightbob's journey in light, glass, and shadow has set benchmarks in the industry .

His expertise not only lies in creating mesmerizing spaces through innovative lighting design but also in enhancing art installations with his unique approach to art lighting.

Beyond his artistic and technical contributions, Lightbob is committed to sharing his extensive knowledge through education and coaching, preparing the next generation of 3D printing and additive manufacturing professionals.

Pro Source Lighting Certified

Lighting Design

Lighting Art

Additive Manufacturing

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The Non-Technical Language of Light